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Hyères I Toulon

Discover Hyères, Toulon & the Var

Geneva - Hyères

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Geneva - Hyères
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the destination

Hyères & the Var

"The most beautiful harbour in Europe", according to Vauban. The harbour is surrounded by high hills of white limestone where umbrella pines perch, contrasting with the blue of the sea. A cable car ride to the top of Mont-Faron allows you to admire the panorama. Discover Toulon...

The town of Hyères and its discovery tours...

The Golden Islands The Golden Islands: jewels of the Mediterranean, they offer the visitor a little piece of paradise. Each with its own character, they are sure to enchant you. Family walks, large sandy beaches, wild hikes, small creeks... Porquerolles, Port-Cros and Le Levant offer exceptional landscapes.

On the approach to Saint-Tropez: the 3 capes have been protected areas for several decades. Lardier, Taillat and Camarat are the guardians of the peninsula of Saint-Tropez.

Saint-Tropez is a small fishing port that came out of anonymity thanks to the painter Paul Signac who discovered the village in 1892...

The Paul Ricard Islands (Les Embiez and Bendor) are an unspoilt jewel of the Mediterranean, a true ode to nature, as desired by their owner Paul Ricard. Between wild creeks, reefs, forests and pine forests, vineyards and lagoons, this sanctuary to be discovered on foot or by bike is a renowned destination, ideal for sea and nature lovers.

La Provence

To discover the Var is to discover Provence: the sun, the light, the blue sky, the cicadas, the olive trees, the restanques, the local products and the colourful Provencal cuisine.

Whether they are clinging to the hillside, perched on a rocky outcrop, huddled against a cliff or nestled in the heart of vineyards and olive groves, the villages of Provence are full of charm and breathe the sweetness of life. You can stroll around, get lost in the winding streets and timidly explore the churches dotted with bell towers: that is the charm of tourism in Provence. The list of the most beautiful villages in the Var...

The Verdon gorges The Gorges du Verdon: in the heart of the Verdon Regional Nature Park, this great canyon (the largest canyon in Europe, up to 700m deep) forms a gigantic gash that looks like it was sculpted by the gods.

Must-see sites and monuments in the region:

The Abbey of Thoronet Cistercian wonder, The Chartreuse de la Verne sparkling in the heart of the Maures massif, The Basilica of Saint-Maximin the third largest tomb in Christendom, the largest Gothic building in Provence, The Abbey of La Celle a remarkable testimony to Provençal Romanesque art, The Villa Noaillesa jewel of modern architecture from the 1920s, telling a fascinating story, and now an Art Centre.

Water activities: water is at the heart of this land blessed by the gods that is the Var: lakes, rivers, islands, roads, bays, beaches and creeks offer water activities all year round and for everyone.

Diving: the Var has a large number of protected marine areas. Nearly 2/3 of the Var coastline is protected: national land and marine park, Natura 2000 sites, Sanctuary for the protection of marine mammals, Protected Marine Areas...

With more than 400 kilometres of coastline and 230 beaches and coves on the shores of the big blue, the Var offers a multitude of different beaches. There is something for everyone: white sand, golden sand, coves, but also secret beaches, with activities, to be discovered at the bend of a path...

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Geneva - Hyères

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Geneva - Hyères

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The following services are included:

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